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Michiganders Producing Power Statewide

Michiganders Producing Power Statewide….

The Michigan Public Service Commission says the number of us in the state producing our own electricity continues to go up. In its annual report, the MPSC notes in 2016, almost 430 more households produced their own power than in 2015 with solar remaining the leading form of energy generation. Wind is the second-most popular. Roughly 25-hundred utility customers on the net metering program have renewable energy generation projects that are up to 20 kilowatts.

A Superior Traffic Jam

A Superior Traffic Jam….

Below-zero temperatures are quickly freezing the water on the Great Lakes, and caused a traffic jam with some freighters in Lake Superior on Thursday. U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard ships were called to the eastern edge of the Upper Peninsula yesterday to help free a pair of ships that had become stuck in the ice. The situation impacted about a dozen ships total. Coast Guard cutters have been freeing ships in Lake Superior all week.

MSP Issues Reminder To Be Safe In Extreme Cold

MSP Issues Reminder To Be Safe In Extreme Cold

As all of Michigan deals with arctic temperatures this week, the Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division is encouraging people to be careful. They’re advising people stay inside whenever possible, avoid overdoing it while shoveling snow, walking, or pushing a vehicle, and watch for signs of hypothermia. Those include memory loss, uncontrollable shivering, and exhaustion. They also recommend keeping a full tank of gas in the car and an emergency kit in the vehicle in case you get stranded.

Bills To Fight Opioid Epidemic Signed

Bills To Fight Opioid Epidemic Have Been Signed Into Law…

Doctors are now required to check the prescription history of patients in the Michigan Automated Prescription System before prescribing any opioid painkillers and other controlled substances. Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley signed those bills into law yesterday. The new laws also created disciplinary actions for prescribers who fail to use MAPS.

WUPM-2 County Seeking Voting Machine Funding

LEAD: Gogebic County officials seeking funding for new voting machines. Rich Petschke reports.

[VERBATIM: On Wednesday the county board of commissioners unanimously agreed to apply for a $20,000 Help America Vote Act grant to obtain the new machines. According to the Daily Globe that cost estimate covers the first five years of costs for the machines which would be deployed at all county precincts. Officials say after that the machines would cost the county around $1,700 per year. If the grant is approved the machines would be ready for the 2018 elections. I’m RP, WUPM and WHRY news]

WUPM-1 Bessemer Accident Sends Driver To Hospital

LEAD: A Christmas Eve car accident in Bessemer Township sends one driver to the hospital. Rich Petschke reports.

[VERBATIM: Police say 72-year-old Linda Buttice was eastbound Sunday afternoon on US 2 in white out conditions when she drifted into the westbound lanes hitting an oncoming car head-on. Both cars ended up in the eastbound lanes. According to authorities Buttice was taken to Ironwood Hospital for unspecified injuries. Both cars were reported to be damaged beyond repair.
I’m RP, WUPM and WHRY news]

WUPM-2 State Passport Fee To Go Up


LEAD: If you’re thinking about buying a Michigan Recreation Passport you may want to do it this week. Rich Petschke reports.

Beginning January 1 the passport which grant access to Michigan’s state parks state-managed outdoor destinations will go up by five dollars if you buy the passport at a state park. That cost will be $16. However if you buy the passport before January 1 or get one at the time you renew your vehicle registration the cost remains at $11. Get details at michigan dot gov slash recreation passport.

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WUPM-1 State Tax Removed From County Tax Bills


LEAD: Iron County taxpayers will see some changes in their 2018 bills. Rich Petschke reports.

[VERBATIM: According to governor Scott Walker state property tax levies will not be added to the county tax bills. Walker says it’s the first time in over 85 years that the state has removed the tax and added taxes on a typical home will be lower next year than they were when he took office in 2018. The tax will be lifted for the forseeable future. I’m RP, WUPM and WHRY news]

WUPM-2 Gogebic Community College is looking to form an Internet gaming team

LEAD: Gogebic Community College is looking to form an Internet gaming team next year.

[VERBATIM: According to the Daily Globe the Gogebic Samsons eSports Teamwill compete against other accredited video gaming college teams. The plans according to school officials is to have up to two teams each consisting of five players and two alternates. All players need to be full time students and be in good academic standing in order to be eligible. The goal is to have the teams in place for spring tournaments. I’m RP WUPM and WHRY news

WUPM-1 Ashland Police release the names of officers involved in an October shooting.


LEAD: Ashland Police release the names of officers involved in an October shooting.

[VERBATIM: According to the department Officers Steven Goodlet and Ty Juoni were called to the 400 block of West Main St. on October 23 on a call about a man behaving erratically who was said to be armed. When Goodlet and Juoni found the man they saw the weapon and ordered him not to touch it but he ignored that command and pulled it out and that’s when they fired at the man. The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation has completed its investigation and has sent the results to the District Attorney.