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03-31-20-VC Has Third Coronavirus Case

LEAD: There are now three confirmed coronavirus cases in Vilas County.

VERBATIM: Officials say this latest case involves an individual who was a close contact to one of the other two confirmed cases. Tthe individual is in isolation and they are working to contact those who came in contact with that person. Health officials continue to stress thoroughly washing hands, practicing social distancing and covering coughs and sneezes as the best ways to fight COVID-19.

03-31-20-EIC Warns Of Coronavirus Scams

LEAD: An Iron County organization is warning about coronavirus scams targeting senior citizens.

VERBATIM: According to Extension Iron County one of the scams is when someone tries to sell the victim a vaccine for COVID-19. There is no vaccine that’s been approved by the FDA and nothing available that can cure the coronavirus. It’s especially important that those being targeted never give out any personal information including Medicare and Social Security numbers. Legitimate callers will never ask for that information.

03-30-20-First COVID-19 Death In Iron County

LEAD: Iron County reports the first coronavirus death.

VERBATIM: According to the Iron County Public Health department the unidentified individual was the first case diagnosed there. Officials are asking people to follow the Center for Disease Control recommendations especially for older people plus those with chronic health conditions and comply with Gov. Tony Evers’ Safer At Home order which remains in effect until April 24.

03-30-20-WUPHD Offers Tips To Avoid COVID-19 At Home

LEAD: The Western Upper Peninsula Health Department is providing tips to fight the coronovirus when entering your home.

VERBATIM: Among those tips posted on the department’s Facebook page are to try and not touch anything inside your home until can wash your hands. They also recommend putting your bag, purse, wallet and keys in a box near the entry of your home along with disinfecting mobile phones and glasses. And in addition to your hands officials say to wash all other exposed areas or shower instead.

03-27-20-VC Has Second Coronavirus Case

LEAD: Vilas County reports another confirmed coronavirus case.

VERBATIM: Officials haven’t provided any details behind this second case other than to say the individual is in isolation and they are working to contact those who came in contact with that person. Earlier this week officials reported a 65-year old who recently traveled out of state contracted COVID-19. The man is currently hospitalized in stable condition. Wisconsin has more than 700 coronavirus cases with eight deaths.

03-27-20-Complete The Survey

LEAD: The City of Ironwood asks businesses to complete a survey on financial impacts due to the coronavirus.

VERBATIM: The survey is from the Federal Reserve and city officials say it will be sent weekly to track the COVID-19 impact. The UP gave over 400 responses to the initial survey last week which was one of the largest responses the Federal Reserve received. Once next week’s survey link is released the city will post it at their website city of ironwood dot org.

03-26-20-VC Has Coronavirus Case

LEAD: Vilas County reports its first confirmed coronavirus case.

VERBATIM: The Vilas County Public Health Department reports the 65-year old man recently traveled out of state but it’s not clear if that travel was out of the country. The man is currently hospitalized in stable condition. Department officials say they plan to contact people who have had close contact with the man and those who believe they may have COVID-19 should call their doctor first before going to the hospital.

03-26-20-SK Making Masks

LEAD: An Ironwood company known for its flannel hats shifts production due to the coronavirus.

VERBATIM: Most people know about Stormy Kromer because of its signature hat and other clothing items. Now the company is producing masks and hospital gowns to help with the supply shortage that has affected medical providers throughout the area. On Wednesday the company sewed about 1,000 masks from a pattern hand-delivered by an employee’s husband. Gown production is expected to begin by the end of the week.

03-25-20-Another Fatal Snowmobile Crash

LEAD: Vilas County investigators are trying to determine the cause of the state’s 19th fatal snowmobile crash this year.

VERBATIM: Accoridng to the Sheriff’s office the crash happened March 18 in the woods near Korth Lake in the Town of Lincoln. 30-year-old Amanda Thacker of Eagle River was airlifted to a Wausau hospital where she died. A preliminary investigation found Thacker was not wearing a helmet. The Department of Natural Resources says there were 16 fatal snowmobile crashes in 2019.

03-25-20-Wakefield Offers Help With Bills

LEAD: The City of Wakefield offers help to residents and business who can’t pay their utility bills due to the Coronavirus.

VERBATIM: Officials say they have suspended all utility late fees and utility shut-offs due to non-payment until further notice. Assistance is available with developing payment arrangements and for those using a credit card to pay the bill while the fee can’t be waived the city will apply a credit equal to the credit card fee to their utility account.