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Trail 2 East Warninig

LEAD: You’ll want to avoid a snowmobile trail east of Ironwood until further notice.

VERBATIM: According to the Gogebic Range Trail Authority a culvert is clogged on Trail 2 near the train trestle. As a result water is currently flowing onto the trail for approximately 100 yards. At least one sled went off the trail into the mud and a groomer pulled them out. Water issues like this will be system wide for several days so officials say ride defensively.

Snow Plower Continuing To Recover

LEAD: A Washburn man continues his slow recovery from a snow plowing accident.

VERBATIM: Gary Krueger was hurt while plowing his driveway with a four-wheeler earlier this month when a 50-foot tree fall on him pinning him by his legs. Police say it took four hours to free the Ashland County corrections officer and he lost feeling in his legs. Krueger’s family says it could be a year and a half before he can walk again.

More Jail Time For Ashland Man

LEAD: It’s additional jail time for an Ashland man with a long criminal history.

VERBATIM: The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Wisconsin says Jeremy Strobel received a one year sentence for being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition. Strobel was found in April with a gun while passed out behind the wheel. Strobel is currently serving a six-year sentence on state charges and will serve the new sentence after he’s released.

Organizations Provide First Aid Kits For Trails

LEAD: Several organizations take action to make Iron County snowmobile trails safer.

VERBATIM: The Iron County Trail Safety Committee deplyoed 10 first aid kits at establishments along the trail system with supplies for common injuries along with a trauma kit and blankets to help keep an injured person warm. The Daily Globe reports as a result of that action the Iron County Recreation Council purchased an additional 20 kits with one to be placed in each club and county groomer and the rest to deployed as needed.

Mercer Snowmobine Warning

LEAD: A warning about snowmobiling in Mercer.

VERBATIM: The Mercer Area Sno-goers say to stay off the lakes as the ice is too thin for safe travel. The group posted on social media that the warmer temperatures on Thursday meant they had to hold off on grooming until the evening hours with work wrapping up around midnight. Most of the trails are said to be in great condition for weekend riding.

ERC For Gogebic County

LEAD: Gogebic County is looking at new ways to take advantage of economic recovery opportunities.

VERBATIM: According to The Daily Globe one of the ideas from a Commissioners’s Finance, Budgeting and Auditing Committee meeting is the hiring of an economic recovery coordinator which is a position paid for by the federal govenment to retain jobs and grow businesses. The committee is working with the Michigan Economic Development Council to work out the details before deciding to proceed.

Ashland Water Bill Changing

LEAD: Ashland water customers will soon see a change to their bills.

VERBATIM: The change according to Mayor Deb Lewis is to the bill itself. It will go from the familiar green and white postcard to a more traditional look printed on paper and sent in a standard envelope. Lewis says the change is due to the city outsourcing the bill preparation process which will improve efficiency. The change is effective with the December 2019 billing.

Drive Drunk? It’ll Cost You

LEAD: Christmas may be over, but authorities say the extra drunk driving patrols aren’t done yet.

VERBATIM: And the Iron County Sheriff’s office says if you
just blew a .08 or above then you just blew around $10,000. That’s the average cost of an OWI considering fines, court costs, attorney fees, higher insurance rates, etc. The Iron County Sheriff’s Office is joining law enforcement agencies across Wisconsin looking for impaired drivers through New Year’s Day.

Snowmobilers Go Rogue

LEAD: Snowmobilers going rogue angers a volunteer organization.

VERBATIM: The Gogebic Range Trail Authority posted on social media that a group of riders ran over fuel supply lines at C & M Oil Company last Thursday then went to another Bessemer business where they rode drifts. On Sunday group members saw riders damaging areas of Alpine Campground. The organization says they are concerned not only about the damage caused but also for safety reasons. Around 70 miles of trails are maintained by the club.

Public Hearing On Marijuana Ordinance

LEAD: The Ironwood City Commission sets a date for a public hearing on revisions to a marijuana ordinance.

VERBATIM: The meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Jan. 6 at the Ironwood Memorial Building’s Women’s Club Room. The Daily Globe reports the Commission is looking to change the end date for the ordinance addressing marijuana establishments to March 31. The commission is expected to vote on the changes sometime in February.