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What Do Do About Snow Days

Plenty of school districts are asking state lawmakers for some help regarding the higher-than-normal number of days they’ve had to cancel due to weather.

Discussions are ongoing at the Capitol to figure out how to help and best prevent schools from having to extend the academic year into mid-June. Several ideas are being tossed around, including allowing all the days missed to be forgiven to only forgiving snow days during the time the state was under an emergency declaration issued by Governor Whitmer.

No Parking!

City crews in Ironwood are in the process of clearing snow from the downtown area.

The Ironwood Public Safety Department posted on it’s Facebook page, that residents should not park on the south side of Aurora Street from Albany Street to Marquette Street, and also on the west side of Suffolk Street from McLeod Avenue to Fredrick Street. Any cars parked in these areas could be ticked and towed. And, a a reminder to place garbage cans behind snow banks until the streets are clear. The DPW hopes to have the area cleaned up by Friday morning.

Poll Shows Jobs Are Top Issue For African-American Voters In State

Poll Shows Jobs Are Top Issue For African-American Voters In State

The top issue for African-American voters in Michigan right now is employment according to a new poll by Target Insyght. Twenty-eight percent responded jobs are the number-one issue, followed by 20-percent naming healthcare their chief concern and ten-percent citing education. Forty-three percent believe Governor Whitmer will make a difference for African-American families.

Two Michigan Republicans Join Democrats To Block Trump Emergency

Two Republican congressmen from west Michigan joined all Democrats in the U.S. House to vote to block President Trump’s national emergency declaration to fund a border wall. Both Fred Upton and Justin Amash issued statements saying what Trump is trying to do is unconstitutional,

Bill Would Increase Cigarette Taxes By $1.50 Per Pack

A Bill Would Increase Cigarette Taxes By $1.50 Per Pack in Michigan…

Legislation from state Representative Rachel Hood would increase the taxes on a pack of cigarettes in Michigan by another dollar-50 and tax electronic cigarettes and vaping products as if they were tobacco. The Grand Rapids Democrat says she believes increasing the taxes on a pack of smokes to three-dollars-50-cents would help get people to kick their addiction and adds e-cigarettes need to be taxed as tobacco products. Another bill from Republican Representative Thomas Albert of Lowell would ban the sale of vaping products to anyone under the age of 18.

New City Manager In Wakefield

A new city manager has been sworn in over in Wakefield…

Robert A. Brown, Jr. took an official oath of office as the new city manager, on Monday. During Monday’s City Council meeting, council members voted to pass a resolution declaring Brown as the manager. Brown will work with the council on creating updates for the city’s master plan, capital improvement plan and recreation plan. The city also approved paying the retiring city manager, Richard Brackney through May 24th.

Mackinac Bridge Ice Smashes Truck’s Windshield

Ice falling from the Mackinac Bridge Smashes Truck’s Windshield…

One truck needs a new front windshield after it was smashed out by a chunk of ice falling from the Mackinac Bridge on Sunday. The driver suffered a few cuts in the incident just after 10 a.m. At least one other vehicle was hit by ice falling from the bridge, which was closed several times to traffic due to very strong winds and falling ice yesterday.

Wind Storm, Blizzard Knock Out Power Statewide

The Wind Storm and Blizzard Knock Out Power Statewide…

Thousands are without power as the result of a powerful windstorm that blew through Michigan on Sunday, and much of the northern Lower Peninsula and part of the eastern Upper Peninsula are under a blizzard warning. The blizzard warning for the northern parts of Michigan is in effect with strong wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour blowing around the three to eight inches of new snow.

An Increase In Hate Groups In Michigan

The annual report on hate groups across the country from the Southern Poverty Law Center finds Michigan is home to more active hate organizations than the year before. In 2018, there were 31 hate groups active in the state, up from 29 in 2017 and 28 in 2016. The organizations include white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, anti-Muslim groups, and black nationalist organizations.

State Farm To Cut Michigan Auto Insurance Rates

State Farm To Cut Michigan Auto Insurance Rates

State Farm customers in Michigan can expect a reduction in their auto insurance rates of three-and-a-half percent this year. The company says the move is not connected to efforts by lawmakers to overhaul the state’s unique no-fault auto insurance law that has resulted in the most expensive premiums in the nation. The rates will be going down effective March 25, and will be a collective savings for drivers around the state of nearly 48-and-a-half million dollars.