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Ontario man dies in helicopter crash in Ashland County

Details have been released regarding a helicopter crash in Ashland County, Wisconsin.

Investigators say the Enbridge helicopter took off from the Upper Peninsula, and headed westward. The helicopter was then seen flying over the Birch Hill area of the Bad River Tribal Reservation early Monday afternoon, but it never arrived at Duluth International Airport.
Searches began at local airports but the helicopter was not located. An Ontario man died in that crash.

Shutdown Of Unlicensed Medical Marijuana Facilities Halted

There will not be mass closures of unlicensed medical marijuana facilities today throughout the state.

Court of Claims Judge Stephen Borrello has blocked the state’s order to have the unlicensed businesses shut down today, and has set a show cause hearing for November 9 for the state to make its case as to why a preliminary injunction shouldn’t be issued. State regulators are also banned from setting up any future deadlines to shut down the facilities that haven’t yet been granted licenses until the court makes a ruling.

Cybersecurity Training Sites

A new Cybersecurity Training Site coming to the UP…

Northern Michigan University will be added to the roster of schools in Michigan that offer cybersecurity training. Governor Snyder made the announcement at the 2018 North American Cyber Summit in Detroit. The facility will open in the next six months, and is a partnership between Ann Arbor-based nonprofit Merit Network and the Michigan Defense Center.

Whitmer Out-fundraising Schuette

Democratic nominee for governor Gretchen Whitmer is both out-fundraising and outspending Republican Bill Schuette as we’re just eight days from going to the polls.

According to newly released campaign finance filings, Whitmer raised four-point-nine million dollars from August 28 to October 21, with 900-thousand coming from her primary campaign. For the same period, Schuette brought in two-point-four million and spent two-point-eight compared to her four-point-five million in campaign spending.

Fire Equipment Delivered

Some much needed hand me downs make their way to the UP…

Fire departments in Michigan’s western Upper Peninsula are benefiting from a surplus of equipment delivered hundreds of miles from the Lower Peninsula. The Iron Mountain Daily News reports that more than a dozen people unloaded trucks and trailers last week in Iron Mountain. There were air packs, extraction tools, chain saws and other equipment. It’s considered essential stuff, but it’s also very expensive for small departments to acquire.

Obama Visits Wisconsin and Michigan

Barack Obama will be on both sides of the state board tomorrow….

Former President Barack Obama has appearances in Wisconsin and Michigan on Friday aimed at boosting voter turnout to aid Democrats, including black voters. Low turnout in Milwaukee by African-Americans proved costly for Hillary Clinton in 2016 when she narrowly lost Wisconsin. One analysis found turnout fell nearly 20 points compared to Obama’s 2012 run. It was much the same story in Detroit, and Clinton also lost Michigan.

Cougar Sightings

State wildlife officials say a cougar has been spotted in the area…

The animal was photographed about 9 miles north of Ironwood by a game camera set up by the Department of Natural Resources to record deer movement. The DNR has confirmed 38 reports of cougars in Michigan since 2008, including multiple sightings of the same animal. Officials say there’s no conclusive proof that Michigan has a breeding population.

Whitmer And Schuette Debate

Fixing the roads, reforming auto insurance, climate change, and bridging the nation’s deep political divide were some of the highlights in the final debate between the two major party candidates for governor.

Democrat Gretchen Whitmer and Republican Bill Schuette traded jabs about each other’s positions for an hour in the studio of WDIV-TV in Detroit last night, with both campaigns releasing statements claiming victory at the close. Whitmer promised a budget next year with two-billion dollars in road funding, with one-billion of that coming from the federal government. On the same topic, Schuette called for construction guarantees and warranties and called for an audit of how the Michigan Department of Transportation allocates money for road repairs.

Proposal On The Mac

The winner of the Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk social media photo contest last year has an even more impressive thing to remember about the Mighty Mac.

Emily Misner won the Michigan Department of Transportation and Mackinac Bridge Authority contest and was awarded a trip to the top of the bridge, where boyfriend Cord Wilson dropped to a knee and proposed yesterday. Wilson said he’d planned the proposal for a month and had Misner’s eleven-year-old daughter in on his secret. She said yes, some 550 feet above the bridge.

UP Power Benefits From Rain

Water and electricity don’t typically mix.

But a utility in the Upper Peninsula says it has benefited from significant rain in September. Upper Peninsula Power says the extra rain has allowed it to increase production at hydroelectric sites. The company says it produced 70 percent more energy, based on a 10-year average. Vice president Brett French says it helps lower bills for customers.