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Bill Legalizing Pot Transport Fails

Bill Legalizing the Transport Of Pot, Fails…

State legislators have stalled an attempt to repeal a statute that regulates carrying marijuana inside cars. The Michigan Senate voted 19-16 Tuesday against the House bill. The legislation would have annulled a law classifying vehicle transportation or possession of marijuana as a misdemeanor, unless it’s enclosed in a case in the trunk, or in a case not readily accessible from the vehicle’s interior if there’s no trunk.

UP Curling Club In Marquette

A New Curling Club…

Curling is attracting new players in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A curling club has formed in Marquette, thanks to support from Northern Michigan University and others. The club meets Sunday nights at Lakeview Arena. Biology professor Alec Lindsay recently brought some graduate students to the rink as a bonding activity. Curling involves players who sweep the ice to control round flat stones. The sport gets exposure every four years during the winter Olympics.

Former Finalist On “The Voice” Arrested.

Former Finalist On “The Voice” Arrested…

A Michigan native who was a finalist on the NBC singing competition “The Voice” is facing drug charges in northern Michigan. MLive reports Laith Al-Saadi was arrested on February 11th. He was initially pulled over for having an expired license plate. Police said they smelled marijuana coming from the car and also found fentanyl, morphine sulphate and hydrocodone in the car. Al-Saadi is due in court on March 15 for a probable cause conference.

Free Community College Tuition Top Of Priority

State House Democrats Put Free Community College Tuition At Top Of Priorities

Tuition-free community college is at the top of the agenda for 2018 for Michigan House Democrats. They unveiled their priorities to Capitol reporters yesterday as they seek to win control of the House for the first time since the waning years of the Jennifer Granholm administration. Also on their list is making healthcare more affordable, putting more money into state infrastructure, and building an economy “that works for everyone.”

Ice Closes The Mackinac Bridge

Ice Continues to Close The Mac…

The Mackinac Bridge Authority is cautioning drivers who need to go back and forth between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas that closures this week are likely. The bridge had to be shut down four times over the weekend due to falling ice. The MBA used steeplejacks to scale the main cables and knock off some loose ice on Saturday to reopen the span, but they warn ice remains on those cables and the towers.

Adams Heads To Washington

A State Department head…Goes To Washington….

There is a change at the top of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Jamie Clover Adams is stepping down effective March 3rd for a post with the U.S. Department of Agriculture as an advisor to Secretary Sonny Perdue. Governor Snyder has named MDARD’s current chief deputy director Gordon Wenk as her successor. Clover Adams became the first woman to head up the state’s agriculture department in July 2012, and led the agriculture department in the state of Kansas from 1999 to 2003.

Michigan Higher Education Focus

Gov. Rick Snyder is pushing higher education….

The Governor wants Michigan to spend an additional $100 million to educate students who can fill jobs in professional trades, information technology and other high-demand fields. Snyder is calling it Michigan’s Marshall Plan for talent, a reference to the U.S. effort to help rebuild Europe after World War II. Speaking Thursday in Detroit, the governor says the state must be ready to respond to the needs of the economy.

Frog Lovers Wanted

Frog lovers wanted….

Michigan biologists are looking for volunteers to help with an annual survey of frogs and toads. Declining numbers of frogs, toads and other amphibians have been documented worldwide since the 1980s. Studies suggest they’re disappearing because of habitat loss, pollution, disease and collection. The surveys are conducted by volunteer observers along a system of permanent routes, each consisting of 10 wetland sites.

Higher Graduation Rates In Michigan

More Michigan high school students are graduating.

New data from the Michigan Center for Educational Performance and Information shows the graduation rate last year increased just over a half-percent to 80-point-18 percent, while the dropout rate fell a quarter percent to eight-point-65 percent. CEPI officials say this is the first time the state’s four-year graduation rate has gone over 80-percent in the eleven years they’ve been tracking it.

ORV Teachers Needed

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is seeking volunteer instructors for its off-road vehicle safety education program.

It enables ORV enthusiasts to pass along their knowledge of the sport to new riders, while teaching them safe and responsible operating skills. All instructors must attend a three-day academy to learn policies and procedures, classroom management and teaching concepts. The academies are scheduled for April in Roscommon and June in Escanaba.