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High Speed Ramp Up At Northern

High Speed Ramp Up At Northern

Northern Michigan University says financial help from the state will boost its effort to extend high-speed educational broadband across the Upper Peninsula. The university in Marquette is getting $6.5 million from the Michigan Strategic Fund and will contribute $3.2 million in matching funds. The plan is to equip 64 cities and townships over two years.

Man Dies After Being Shot By Manistee Officer

Man Dies After Being Shot By Manistee Officer…

A 73-year-old man who was shot multiple times by a Manistee Public Safety Officer Tuesday night has died. Police say Lee Milks was shot after coming out of his house with a gun and refusing orders to drop the weapon when police were doing ordinance enforcement in his neighborhood. Investigators say not only did Milks not drop the gun, but he chambered a round and was bringing the long gun up and pointing it at the officer when he was shot.

Copperwood mine exploratory site is showing positive results

Highland Copper says the Copperwood mine exploratory site is showing positive results. Details from Lin McDowell…

Exploratory drilling ended in the southwest corner of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park with the recent thaw.

Officials say the deposit is on average 50-percent richer than the old White Pine mine. They are looking to one day expand operations in the UP.

Company officials say the Copperwood is just the beginning. The mine is expected to directly employ over 300 people and is expected to run for 14 to 15 years, according to executive Vice President Carlos Bertoni.

Lawmakers Want to Up Michigan’s Recycling Efforts

Some lawmakers want to up the states recylcing efforts…

Two groups established by Gov. Rick Snyder have produced a list of suggestions for stepping up solid waste recycling in Michigan. Only about 15 percent of Michigan’s solid waste is recycled, a rate far below the national average. Among the recommendations are investing in infrastructure needed to collect and process recyclable materials, adopting local goals and educating the public about the importance of recycling.

Training to begin April 4th for YMCA’s Seventh Annual U.P. Northwood’s Triathlon

Athletes in Iron Mountain are gearing up for the YMCA’s Seventh Annual U.P. Northwood’s Triathlon. More from Lin McDowell…

Training for the event begins in just a week. The training allows athletes to get in shape and prepare for the big event. This triathlon ranges in levels of intensity and skill and even includes a youth triathlon.

Added this year for those who hate to swim, there will be a duathlon, which is a 5-K run and 17 mile bike course. Whether you’re a kid or a professional athlete, coordinators say training for the event is key and is very beneficial.

Training for the competition starts April 4.

Senate Bill Would Allow Local Schools To Set Start Date

Senate Bill Would Allow Local Schools To Set Start Date…

It’s been years since state law mandated schools wait until after Labor Day to hold classes, but Michigan Senator Marty Knollenberg says it’s time to revisit it. The sRepublican wants to get rid of the law and let local school districts decide when to start, saying there are already many activities underway during August for schools, including band camp and sports practices. The tourism industry successfully got the law changed in 2006 to penalize school districts for starting before Labor Day.

Brookridge Heights is restricting visitation for health of residents

Brookridge Heights is restricting visitation for health of residents…more from Lin McDowell…

Brookridge Heights Assisted Living and Memory Care announced today that they will be restricting visitors due to the numerous flu outbreaks in the Marquette community. Visitors and family members are asked to refrain from coming to the facility until further notice.

Brookridge Heights says the goal is to protect residents and staff from contracting and spreading the flu. Visitor restrictions at Brookridge Heights are in place as of Monday. The public and any family members will be notified when the restriction has been lifted.

Some Western Western UP Residents Are Helping Kansas Wildfire Victims

Some Western Western UP Residents Are Helping Kansas Wildfire Victims…

Residents of four Upper Peninsula counties are working to help wildfire victims in southern Kansas. The “Marquette Mining Gazette” reports they are gathering bales of hay to ship to farmers who have lost all they had in the Starbuck fire, which scorched 461-thousand acres. Along with hay being hauled to Kansas, a group of residents from Baraga, Houghton, Keweenaw and Ontanagon counties is also collecting donations. They’ll be heading south with the shipment on March 31st

Gwinn man who failed to appear for his sentencing back in custody

He was on the lam from authorities…now he is back in custody…more from Lin McDowell…

Leo Arthur Field, a Gwinn man who failed to appear for his sentencing Thursday morning is back in jail Saturday.

According to Marquette County Sheriff Greg Zyburt, Field was taken into custody on Friday evening.

A warrant was issued for Field on Thursday March 23 after he failed to attend his sentencing. Field pleaded no contest to criminal sexual conduct in the third degree on Jan. 18 in Marquette County 25th Judicial Circuit Court.

One In Five Vehicles In Michigan Under Recall

One In Five Vehicles In Michigan Under Recall

A report from Carfax shows a lot of us are driving cars that are under recall, but haven’t been repaired. The company says there are over one-point-eight million vehicles in the state which haven’t been repaired, which comes out to about one in every five on the road. The figure is higher than last year by 21-percent.