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Healthy Michigan Plan At Risk

A program insuring thousands of Michiganders at risk.

Governor Rick Snyder is worried his Healthy Michigan plan, which expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, could go away under President-elect Donald Trump. Snyder tells he doesn’t want the program to be cut, but because it’s in large part a federal program, it’s a possibility. Trump has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which allowed the Healthy Michigan program to come into being three years ago. Snyder says 600-thousand people have insurance through the initiative.

Baraga County man found guilty of seven charges loses a second appeal of his sentence

A Baraga County man found guilty of seven charges, including armed robbery, loses a second appeal of his sentence…more from Lin McDowell…

Bernard Fish tried to re-appeal his 40 year sentence in prison after the Michigan Court of Appeals upheld the conviction earlier this year. This latest appeal was denied by the Michigan Supreme Court Wednesday. Fish was arrested in October of 2013, along with his nephew Donavan Lee Waupoose. In August of 2013 the pair were accused of holding two people for ransom at gunpoint, while claiming to be U.S. Marshals. A jury found Fish guilty and sentenced to 20 and 40 years in prison.

Gas Prices On The Rise

Gas Taxes Going Up In Michigan January 1st.

Gas prices will be going up statewide on January 1 due to a seven-point-three cent increase in gasoline taxes to pay for road work. GasBuddy analyst Patrick DeHaan says this means prices of two-dollars a gallon and under are likely gone, likely for a long time if not for good. Vehicle registration fees will also go up in Michigan starting January 1 by 20-percent. DeHaan predicts prices will be 25 to 50-cents higher per gallon in 2017 than what we paid this year, but a bit of a break could come in late January or early February.

Jandron Retail Center in Marquette Township nearing completion

They’re rounding third and headed for home for the completion of the new Jandron Retail Center in Marquette Township…more from Lin McDowell

The retail center will include a space for Jandron’s Fine Jewelry along with two more retail spaces that are undetermined at the time. Construction on the outside of the building is completed and the finishing touches are underway inside of the Jandron retail space. The two additional retail spaces are being finished up as well. Negotiations for the 3,000 square foot retail space are being made as of now and the 1,500 square foot space is still open.

Minimum Wage Going Up 40-Cents In 2017

Minimum Wage Going Up 40-Cents In 2017.

Michigan’s lowest paid workers will get a little more, starting next year. The state’s minimum wage will rise 40-cents an hour from eight-dollars-50-cents to eight-dollars-90-cents effective January 1st. The wage will go up again at the start of 2018 to nine-dollars-25-cents. The tipped employee minimum wage will go up to three-38 on January 1st from three-23.

Marquette man arraigned on drug charges in Delta County

A Marquette man has been arraigned on drug charges in Delta County. More from Lin McDowell…

A probable cause hearing is set for January 5, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for January 12 for Anthony Peano who was arrested on December 23 while traveling through Escanaba after officers received a tip about a suspicious suspect. He is facing several charges of drug possession and distribution. Peano turned down a court appointed attorney and his bond has been set at 10 percent of $100,000.

Gas Prices On The Rise

Gas prices are on the rise across the state…

Michigan’s average gas price is up by 14-cents to start the week. Triple-A Michigan’s survey of gas stations finds the average at two-dollars-39-cents, which is higher than this time last year by 47-cents a gallon. Our state has the nation’s 12th highest price. Drivers in Traverse City have the highest prices at two-45, while gas is cheapest for a second straight week in Benton Harbor at two-33.

City of Marquette’s outdoor ice rinks are now opened for the season

One of the most popular wintertime activities in the Upper Peninsulas is now available to participate from dawn until dusk. More from Lin McDowell…

The great part about it is it doesn’t cost a thing for you to go outside and hit the ice. ABC10 reports the City of Marquette’s outdoor ice rinks are now opened for the season. Two ice rinks are available for the public to use. One of the ice rinks is located at the corner of Spring and Seventh Streets. The other pond is at the north Marquette ball field area on Presque Isle Avenue.

During the evening hours, lights will brighten both rinks until 11:00 p.m. Restroom facilities are also setup at each location for skaters to use.

Driver who struck a SEMCO gas line early Friday morning cited for careless driving

The name has been released for the driver who struck a SEMCO gas line early Friday morning.

18-year-old Harley Wakeham of Chassell, ran off U.S. 41, left of L’Anse Avenue, into the Village of L’Anse. His vehicle struck a SEMCO gas line, which ignited the SEMCO gas substation. The L’Anse Fire Department was able to get the fire under control. U.S. 41 was closed to traffic for an hour.

Wakeham apparently fell asleep at the wheel, and speed and alcohol were not a factor in the accident. Wakeham suffered minor injuries but sought his own treatment. He was cited for careless driving.

Sands Township man arrested Wednesday night after an alleged domestic dispute

A Sands Township man was arrested Wednesday night after an alleged domestic dispute.

Authorities were called to the 400 block of Yelle Road shortly before midnight. According to deputies from the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office, an unidentified 34-year-old disorderly man was reportedly firing at the property owner’s livestock. He was taken into custody without incident. The man is facing multiple charges and is lodged at the Marquette County Jail awaiting arraignment.