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Deer Numbers

Tomorrow is the first day of archery season. And, the DNR says sightings are good. Here’s Lisa Rodman with the story…


Deer hunters will likely have better luck this year than last. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is out with its forecast for the season, and says a mild winter in the Upper Peninsula last year may help the deer population numbers after three severe winters. Deer numbers are expected to be up throughout the Lower Peninsula.

Two MedSafe Drug Receptacles set up in the Iron County

It’s a trend that has gone nationwide and Iron County has taken it upon itself to provide it’s residents with a safe way to deal with unused medications.

ABC10 reports Iron County has taken measures to ensure that unused prescription drugs can be dispose of properly. Two MedSafe Drug Receptacles have been set up in the county, one at the Iron County Sheriff’s Department and one at the Iron River Police Station.

Residents of Iron River can dispose of all prescription drugs. The only exceptions are inhalers, sharp objects and glass containers, which could puncture the bags inside the receptacle. After the bags are full, they will be transported to an area where they will be incinerated.

Sheppard Insurance Rates

A member of the Michigan House says he has a plan to save people up to 30-percent on their auto insurance rates. Here’s Lisa Rodman with the story…


Republican Jason Sheppard says he will introduce legislation in November when lawmakers return from their election break that would change part of the no-fault insurance law to let people choose how much medical coverage they want. Currently, those benefits are unlimited and for life if someone is badly hurt in a crash. Sheppard’s bill would have four levels, starting at 250-thousand dollars and going up to the unlimited benefit.

Another scam alert in the city of Houghton

Here we go again…another scam alert…it’s a scam that just will not go away. The City of Houghton Police Department has been receiving complaints of telephone fraud using the department’s caller ID information.

The scam artists are telling homeowners they are calling from the City of Houghton Police Department and that if the people receiving the call don’t pay their back taxes, the department is going to arrest them.

The department makes it very clear that they do not conduct business in this fashion. You’re advised if you receive a call such as this to contact the City of Houghton Police Department.

Hillary Leads The Donald

A new poll shows HIllary with a 5% lead over The Donald. here’s Lisa Rodman witht the numbers

Democrat Hillary Clinton leads Republican Donald Trump by five-percent, 46-to-41, in a new poll by Target Insyght for MIRS News and lobbying firm Governmental Consultant Services. Libertarian Gary Johnson is a distant third with eight-percent, and only three-percent say they’re undecided. The poll was taken before Monday night’s debate between Clinton and Trump. Pollster Ed Sarpolus says if Republicans can increase voter turnout by one-percent, the two would be in a dead heat.

Bow hunting season gets underway this Saturday, October 1st

Hunters are chomping at the bit for this Saturday’s opening of bow hunting season…

Up to 100 deer get checked at the DNR Western U.P Office during bow hunting season. Cross bows and compound bows are already on the shelves in many sporting goods stores. The DNR encourages hunters to be safe and have fun this season. Western U.P Wildlife Biologist, John DePue said there’s going to be fewer deer, fewer bucks but there’s still some opportunity certainly this year for folks to see some bucks.

Archery season ends November 14th and resumes on December 1st through January 1st.

Archery Hunting Season

If you haven’t already…it’s time to grab your bow and head on out for a hunt. Here’s Lisa Rodman with the story…


The DNR’s archery season run through November 14th. Retalors are reporting a good stock of cross bows and compound bows are on the shelves. And, the DNR is reminding hunters to be safe, while out having fun this season. During a usual year…100 deer get checked at the DNR Western U.P Office. If you miss the eraly season…no worries it’ll start again December 1st and run through January 1st.

Three natural gas engines arrive at the new Marquette Energy Center

They have finally arrived…three natural gas engines to be used at the new Marquette Energy Center, have officially made it to their permanent location in Marquette.

TV 6 reports the engines arrived by barge all the way from Italy on Wednesday, and then transported to the Marquette Board of Light and Power on Friday night. The final engine was placed outside the Wright Street Complex of the Marquette BLP late Saturday night.

According to the MBLP, these environmentally clean engines will burn natural gas as their primary fuel, and will switch over to fuel oil when necessary. The 3 engines are reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICE) which will supply 50 MW of quick start power.

MI Gas Prices

Gas prices are falling, but a rise is expected. Here’s Lisa Rodman with the details…


Michigan’s average gas price is down nearly seven-cents a gallon to start the week at two-dollars-17 cents. Triple-A Michigan notes the price is 27-cents lower than this time last month, and three-cents below the national average., however, is warning prices around the state are going up between 15 and 25 cents per gallon. The Holiday Gas stations is selling fuel for 2.28 a gallon right here in Ironwood.

The DNR is bringing life back to an iconic lighthouse

The DNR is bringing life back to an iconic lighthouse…

It dates all the way back to 1868. The Copper Harbor Lighthouse project is already one year old with archaeology work on the lighthouse. There is still much to do, though, as improvements include fresh paint with its original colors and upgrading sidewalks. A barn on the property will also receive some TLC. The DNR plans to remove surrounding trees to increase their visibility.

There is no timetable as to when the lighthouse will be completely restored.