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High speed chase results in an arrest

A high speed chase of a stolen 2003 Jeep on McClellan Ave and US-41 results in an arrest…more from Lin McDowell…

The vehicle initially stopped when troopers turned on their overhead lights, but when troopers approached the vehicle on foot, the driver sped off northbound on McClellan Ave, and a pursuit ensued. The chase ended with the suspect vehicle crashing into Holy Cross Cemetery.

Though there were no injuries reported, several grave markers were damaged as well as fencing at Holy Cross Cemetery.

A 20 year old female from Gwinn was arrested following the crash. The woman is facing multiple charges. Her name will not be released until after arraignment.

rates may rise

Auto Insurance rates may rise for some across the UP. Here’s Lisa Rodman with the story…


Michigan-based auto insurance companies are going to increase rates by 40-dollars per vehicle in October. The companies are hiking the rates after losing an 80-million dollar tax credit, which lawmakers say was issued to them as a mistake several years ago. Insurers such as Triple-A, Auto-Owners and Frankenmuth Insurance will hike rates, while out-of-state companies like Allstate and State Farm never had the credit and won’t have an increase. The “Lansing State Journal” reports Michigan-based insurance companies have about one-third of the market.

Marquette County Board ofHealth recommends an update to the county’s Tobacco and Vaping Ordinance

The Marquette County Board of Health recommended an update to the county’s Tobacco and Vaping Ordinance at their meeting Wednesday night. Details from Lin McDowell…

Vaping devices, such as e-cigarettes, would fall under the ordinance update. Right now, no such regulation exists for them. Experts say that’s a large public health concern, as there has been a marked increase in the use of vaping devices in recent years, especially among young people.

Patrick Jacuzzo, Marquette County’s Health Department Director of Environmental Health said the fundamental core of the issue is to regulate the sale of these type of devices to children under the age of 18.

The ordinance update will now go to the Marquette County Board of Commissioners for approval.


A little good news for campers. Here’s Lisa Rodman with the details…


Most of the backcountry cabins and campsites are back open at Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in the Upper Peninsula. The Department of Natural Resources says the Emily Lake State Forest Campground will remain closed indefinitely. The cabins and campsites were closed July 14th due to flooding from a July 11th thunderstorm that dropped up to eleven inches of rain on parts of the western Upper Peninsula and northeast Wisconsin.

Work continues on several large projects in the Marquette Area Public School District

Work continues on several large projects in the Marquette Area Public School District…more from Lin McDowell…

One of those projects is construction being done on Sandy Knoll Elementary School’s parking lot to make it safer. The school has had a persistent congestion problem in the lot, so a parent drop-off and pick-up loop is being added. Also, the bus loop is being separated to the back side of the building.

Another project is taking place at Marquette High School. The wall in the pool area is being re-sided and re-insulated to ensure greater safety. And a “computer makers lab” is being built.

Rodman_electric refunds

A Judge is siding with customers over electric refunds. here’s Lisa Rodman with the story…


The administrative law judge presiding over the case at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that is examining costs to keep PIPP in Marquette running, issued a decision agreeing with Michigan that Wisconsin Energy Corporation overcharged customers for the cost of operating the plant. In his proposed decision, the judge is recommending that ratepayers receive at least $17 million, plus interest, in refunds. The judge’s proposal for decision now goes to the FERC commissioners.

new alert system

The state has a new alert system. Lisa Rodman tells us more about this news head up….


Legislation created as a result of the massacre in Kalamazoo in February was signed into law yesterday. Governor Snyder signed legislation creating a public threat alert system, which will be similar to AMBER Alerts to get information out to the public for active shooters and other threats including terrorist attacks. Six people were killed and two others injured when Jason Dalton allegedly opened fire on them on February 20th. He is still awaiting trial.

Escanaba Public Safety department investigating a post on a private Facebook account

The Escanaba Public Safety department is investigating a post on a private Facebook account alluding to a possible human trafficking concern in Escanaba. More from Lin McDowell…

According to Escanaba Public Safety, they were notified by a concerned citizen on Saturday of an older male subject who the citizen thought was following him or her at two local businesses. The male subject never made any physical or verbal attempt to contact the citizen. Officials say there was never an attempt to abduct or even a suggestion of abduction. Escanaba Public Safety is attempting to identify the male subject in hopes of clearing up any misunderstanding. Officials would like to caution the public about using social media without validating the content of the posting by private individuals.


Michigan’s ban on straight-ticket voting is on hold. Here’s Lisa Rodman witht he story…


The move follows a stay being issued by U.S. District Judge Gershwin Drain. The attorney general’s office plans to appeal the ruling, in which Judge Drain said the new law puts a disproportionate burden on the right to vote of black voters. He wrote that “African-Americans are much more likely to vote Democrat than other ethnic groups” and cited a study by the U.S. Census Bureau. That study of the 15 Michigan cities where voters selected a straight-party ticket on at least 65-percent of ballots found only two had white majorities.

Marquette man sentenced for possession of marijuana

Twenty-year-old Zebron Dahms of Marquette was sentenced for possession of marijuana on July 21. More from Lin McDowell…

Dahms pled guilty in June to one count of possession of marijuana. He was sentenced July 21 to a year of probation, including substance counseling, and $865 in fines.

But 96th District Court Judge Karl A. Weber issued a stern warning. He told Dahams that he hopes he can somehow figure this out because at 20 years old, he shouldn’t have a record like this and be before this court. Weber added that, if it continues on, Dahams would be standing before a higher court and could end up somewhere different than Marquette County Jail.

Dahms has previously been convicted of attempted officer assault and third degree retail fraud of less than $200.