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Gas prices are on the rise through out the state

Gas prices are on the rise through out the state. Here’s Lisa Rodman with the story.


Gas prices are higher around Michigan at the start of the summer driving season. Triple-A Michigan puts the average price at two-dollars-50-cents a gallon, up 12-cents from last week but still 16-cents less than last year this time. Michigan has the nation’s fifth-highest gas prices in the nation, with Canadian Oil Sands fires blamed for higher prices, as those are disrupting crude oil deliveries to Midwest refineries. In Ironwood fuel can be found for (2.32) a gallon this morning.

Drivers identified in a two car accident in Marquette Township on Memorial Day

The identity of drivers in a two car accident in Marquette Township on Memorial Day has been released…more from Lin McDowell…

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Department reports the crash happened on County Road 550, just south of Middle Isle Point Road. A southbound vehicle driven by 77-year-old Janice McLean of Marquette reportedly crossed the center line. It struck an oncoming vehicle driven by 49-year-old Richard Lapine of Marquette.

McLean, Lapine, and a passenger in the Lapine vehicle, Grant Newby, were transported to UP Health Systems Marquette for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. McLean was cited for careless driving.

Freighter Stuck

U.S. Coast Guard Monitoring Freighter Stuck In Lake Superior Here’s Lisa Rodman with the story…


The U.S. Coast Guard is working with the National Transportation Safety Board to figure out how a freighter got grounded in Lake Superior. The Roger Blough left Duluth, Minnesota last week loaded with iron ore pellets. MLive reports the ship has been stuck since Friday in Whitefish Bay, and the Coast Guard is working to try to free it. No fuel is leaking from the vessels, and the Coast Guard says all crew are safe.

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May. 31, 2016 4:19 AM CST
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Three people were taken to the hospital after two vehicle accident

Three people were taken to the hospital by ambulance after a head on two vehicle accident. More from Lin McDowell…

Police responded to a collision located near the railroad tracks on County Road 550 shortly before 1:30 p.m. Monday afternoon. Marquette City Police is reporting a white Ford Escape was driving South when it crossed the center lane hitting a black Cheverolet Impala head on. The two individuals inside of the Impala are both Marquette residents. The driver of the Escape is also from Marquette. All three were transported to UP Health System – Marquette for what are believed to be non-life threatening injuries.

No other details were available.

Future Of Great Lakes Fish Is Uncertain

Future Of Great Lakes Fish Is Uncertain. here’s Lisa Rodman with the story…


Lake Michigan’s salmon fishery appears to be in decline. Anglers are catching fewer fish, and the ones they are catching tend to be smaller than those caught in the past. Sport fishing in the Great Lakes is a four-billion-dollar-a-year industry, and some fear a potential collapse could be as hard as the one that hit Lake Huron 12 years ago. Fisheries managers are working to figure out a way to strike a balance between native and introduced species to keep fish populations growing. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is also working to assure a mix of predator and prey.

Ironwood’s water system receives a good report card

Drink up, Ironwood…your water is safe…more from Lin McDowell…

((The city of Ironwood’s water system received a good report card in recent state testing, according to city manager Scott Erickson. Erickson told city commissioners that, following the water crisis in Flint, Ironwood was the only Upper Peninsula community chosen for water testing by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the state.

Erickson gave city utilities director Bob Tervonen and water plant operator Jim Ansami high marks for the favorable results.

I’m Lin McDowell, WUPM and WHRY News))

Cone Zone

Crews will have the weekend off..and cones will be removed. Here’s Lisa Rodman with the story…


The Michigan Department of Transportation is putting road projects on hold for the Memorial Day weekend to ease travel. More than half of the road and bridge projects are being suspended starting at 3 p.m. Friday through 6 a.m. Tuesday. Triple-A Michigan is projecting one-point-two million Michiganders will be traveling over the holiday, up two-percent from last year.

Some “funny money” is making its way in and around Marquette

Some “funny money” is making its way in and around Marquette…more from Lin McDowell…

((Forsyth Township and Marquette City police say they are conducting an investigation into one-hundred dollar counterfeit bills.

Consumers can recognize these phony bills as they are marked with the number one-hundred and fifty above the one-hundred dollar sign on the lower back right corner.

Also, the one-hundred dollar figure on the front of the bill does not change color in light as is typical with legitimate money. These bills are passing the ink pen test.

Citizens are urged to immediately contact police if they are in possession of a bill.

I’m Lin McDowell, WUPM and WHRY News ))

The Governor Has Declared Energy Emergency

The Governor Has Declared Energy Emergency


A State of Energy Emergency is in effect in Michigan due to the shutdown of a fuel pipeline in Wisconsin and the unplanned outage of the Marathon oil refinery in Detroit. Governor Snyder issued the executive order yesterday to ensure the state has enough gasoline for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. The order suspends state and federal regulations related to hours-of-service for the transportation of all fuels within the state.

Gwinn man facing charges as a result of a traffic accident

Six months after he was arrested, a Gwinn man has now entered a not guilty plea. Lin McDowell has details…

31-year-old David Nykanen was taken into custody in April in connection to a traffic accident on M-35 near County Road 557 in July of 2015.

Nykanen was driving when his vehicle left the road, rolled over, and ejected his female passenger. She was pinned under the vehicle and suffered serious injuries.

Nykanen is facing multiple felony charges, including operating while intoxicated causing serious injury.

A future court date has yet to be determined.

I’m Lin McDowell, WUPM and WHRY News